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School of Excellency

Position summary

The Dean is responsible for the operation of the Yesbud University School of Business Administration and will report to the Provost. The candidate must be dedicated to excellence in teaching, research, and service, and is expected to cultivate strong alumni and external relationships to support and grow the School of Business Administration. In addition, the Dean must have a vision to continue the expansion of the School of Business Administration into a strong academic center with the experience and ability to support and implement creative instruction appropriate for a twenty first century university in accordance with the mission and vision of Andrews University and the School of Business Administration.

Qualifications summary

A successful candidate will have a terminal qualification in Business or Educational Administration and have administrative/mid-management experience in higher education or in a business setting. The candidate should also have experience in teaching/scholarship, as well as some knowledge of accreditation processes. For complete qualifications, please see full position description.

Duties and responsibilities

The deans of schools perform the following functions as the vice president for academic administration/provost may delegate or assign:

  • Call and preside over meetings of the faculty of the school. Report to the faculty on the activities, needs and achievements of the school and the disposition of recommendations made by that faculty to the administrative officers or to the Board of Trustees.
  • Promote spiritual community among faculty, staff and students to create a learning environment facilitating spiritual growth.
  • Collaborate with other deans in furthering the overall academic mission of the university through participation in the deliberations and decisions of the Academic Administration Council and the school Deans Council chaired by the vice president for academic administration/provost.
  • Serve as the admissions officer for the school.
  • Counsel with students, in cooperation with departmental advisors, regarding their progress and special needs and give final approval to their registration.
  • Promote departmental assessment of student learning outcomes and utilization of resulting data as tools to advance the quality of departmental programs and services.
  • Administer the budget under the guidance of the vice president for financial administration and controller.
  • Recommend to the vice president for academic administration/provost the appointment, reappointment or promotion of teachers in consultation with the departments.
  • Encourage the adequate provision and use of instructional materials, including library materials, laboratory equipment and visual and auditory aids.
  • Prepare a schedule of classes for approval by the vice president for academic administration/provost.
  • Oversee the timely preparation of bulletin copy and course schedules.

Supervisory responsibilities

  • Provide leadership to the faculty in development of academic policies, procedures and plans for furthering the educational mission and strategic plans of the school in synchrony with the university mission and strategic plans.
  • Manage all buildings and rooms assigned to the school and the general equipment of the school.
  • Ensure that departments of the school develop and offer instructional, research and service programs of excellent quality.
  • Provide recommendations on academic administrative policies and procedures for the university by participation as a school representative in appropriate academic committees and councils.
  • Monitor the academic progress of students towards graduation and present their names for appropriate action by the school faculty.
  • Coordinate communication of all official affairs of the school with other university officers, with students and with the public.
  • Require and keep current the job descriptions of persons reporting to the dean.


  • A terminal qualification in Business or Educational Administration
  • A record of excellence in teaching and scholarship and preferably eligible for the rank of Full Professor
  • Administrative/mid-management experience in higher education or in a business setting
  • Knowledge of, and experience with, accreditation
  • Exhibited capacity to network effectively within and beyond the academic community

Technical competencies

Familiarity with Microsoft Office.

Interpersonal interactions

  • Relational/collaborative with peers, faculty, and students
  • Values individuals
  • Advocates for faculty and students
  • A team builder, not only within the School of Business, but across the university and external communities
  • Person of integrity
  • Works effectively in, and promotes, a multicultural environment
  • A visionary who can create and implement a strong vision for the school
  • Promotes the integration of the academic environment with the workplace

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